The Teaching Tree

Kia Ora!

I’m Katrina and I’m a teacher. My friends call me Tree – hence the teaching tree is the title for this blog.

I am an innovative learning specialist, artist, textile designer and writer living with my family in Taranaki, New Zealand. I love colour, use my hands a lot when I talk and like finding tree-filled spaces to get lost in.

Creative solutions for education are my jam. My experiences in tertiary digital technology/pedagogy education (The Mind Lab), corporate learning design processes and corporate workshop design inform my teaching processes and life/thinking in general. I like to read, am always on the lookout for my ‘pedagogy posse’ and love finding new ways to solve problems.

You can find me geeking out about new technology and new approaches to teaching and learning in this blog. When I’m not reading, I’m painting, parenting or writing. In essence: I’m working on finding the balance between fun mum, hum-drum and going for a run. And you know that spark you get when you see someone ‘gets it’? I’m all about that. I chase that and I love to ignite that spark-seeking sense of adventure in other teachers.

This blog is my outlet for thinking about how we can do things better. We can be optimists, we can be strategists and we can have fun along the way.