Stop motion charcoal drawing – STEAM play

We had a lot of fun channeling the art of William Kentridge, playing with charcoal drawing techniques and experimenting with a range of digital tools.

Here are some of the results:

This was my example – I was playing too!
This student used a video played back in slow motion to figure out the frame changes. She chose to work digitally.
This student drew her fish in her book and used stop motion on her phone to animate it.

How are you using discovery learning in your classes?

Do you plan for time to play too?

I have actually found this process so rewarding, I’ve started to animate some of my paintings in real life too. This is a watercolour painting animation that came out of further play time beyond the classroom.

I was thinking of clouds and playing with stop motion tools and digital watercolour for this one.

What’s next?

I love how one idea begets another and another and another….


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