Online learning and breakfast – how they need to be the same

For clarity, when I write about breakfast, I really mean online learning.

The best breakfasts are vibrant and tasty, but we all know that a bun on the run will do sometimes.

1. Cereal is easy to eat and can be prepared anytime. It can even be eaten as a snack without milk. It doesn’t need to be dressed up.

2. Things that are not designed for breakfast (home learning) are actually better for breakfast (pizza, curry, leftovers). Leftovers are good to go back to in your own time the next day. Flip the main course and have serve it for breakfast.

3. Breakfast can be light sometimes. There are no strict portion sizes when delivering online content.

4. Sometimes a smoothie is still good. Mash it and whizz it and drink it down fast. (Skim reading instead of deep comprehension today).

5. Most people decide what they have for breakfast. (I dont like baked tomato. Give it to me raw.) Package learning so that it is appealing and meets the needs of the learner.

6. Breakfast happens even if not at breakfast time. Technically, whatever your first meal of the day is, it becomes breakfast. Does it really matter when learning happens?

7. A good breakfast sets you up for the day. Great learning should provoke thought and keep you thinking.

8. Breakfast is expected. Anywhere you go, any day, anytime – breakfast needs to be on the menu.

9. Breakfast can also be brunch. Let the learners decide if they want two meals in one (brunch) or if they want to come to another session (breakfast now, lunch later).

10. Breakfast is easy to take away with you. Muesli bars on the run! Online learning should be mobile friendly too.

What do you think? Is online learning like breakfast?


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