8 big questions to ask about education in the future

Ask the hard questions now and start planning for a better future:

1. Is it founded on metacognition (thinking about thinking) and critical thinking?

2. Is it learner centered? (Do learners get to drive their own learning?)

3. Is it resilient for both time and place? (Does it transcend bricks and mortar?)

4. Is it equitable? (Can everyone access it? Is it designed for all?)

5. Is it research-informed?

6. Does it feed passion into real problem solving?

7. Is it neo-post-meta-machinahumanist? (Can it thrive against, beside or within the next technological/political/economic/environmental disruption?)

8. Does it make the world better?

What do you think? Can future planning for education even be narrowed down to 8 questions? What am I missing?


The world won’t get better by itself. We all have big parts to play. (Stock photo file).

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