Two very different autobiographies

Facebook post prompt: the last message you sent is the title of your autobiography.

Me: great prompt! (Looking at last messages….).

There were two options I could put forward for this. Text message quote: ‘I’m home!!!’

Or facebook message quote: ‘Do you know the muffin man(gler)?’

How intriguing! What fun it would be to actually write the books. So if I write the blurbs and design the covers they could feel more real. But which one? Here we go:

I’m home!

Autobiography by Katrina Ward

This book celebrates the heart connections of home and family, of finding out what home feels like, where home can be found, how the concept of home can be fickle and where and around whom to feel at home. It’s about travel and return, about anxiety, about driving, about neurodiversity and the strong heart pull to the brilliant and beautiful mess of one’s own weird family.

Not a real book, just a concept.


Do you know the muffin man(gler)?

Autobiography by Katrina Ward

What secrets are you hiding? Have you ever mangled a muffin in a service station because it doesn’t fit out of the shelf with tongs and had to leave it there? Have you ever cried on your birthday because of a doughnut? Have you ever left something undone that you should have done? Have you ever dropped a pie against a wall in public? Have you ever written fake news articles about friends or spread ridiculous rumours just for sheer stupid fun? This book is about secrets and regrets, about pun fun, about parenting and all of the embarrassing things caught on an external camera somewhere. The muffin man(gler) is in all of us.

Not a real book, just another concept.

Such fun. What a great writing/thinking prompt!

It does get me thinking though. If you had to write an autobiography, which stories would make the final cut?

And if you are waiting to do something, write something, make something, share something – what prompt are you waiting for? Maybe just launch and have a go.


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