Better weather tomorrow

Light around the corner, colour study.

It is a weird time of year.

People are burnt out, exams are looming, change is coming and holidays are not long enough.

The grind is grinding, deadlines pushing, end of year looming and email inboxes bursting.

Wish lists wanting, resolutions waning, seasons changing and everyone tired. Teachers are so tired.

It is hard to keep sight of the weird little things that drive us (and even the purpose). But what if you take time out today to notice the little things and start putting them into your future?

What can you do today to make tomorrow something to look forward to?

What ‘present-you’ action will put the spark in future-you’s belly?

Clouds can be beautiful even when they are gloomy. Rain can be refreshing not drenching. Wind can be a necessary shake up. The light through the clouds can be better weather.

Whatever the weather, make the weather better tomorrow.

Add more weird little heart things into your life and the weather will be better.

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